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Content Policy

  1. Objectivity : We are looking for unbiased opinions. We generally do not encourage reviews from people who are in any way connected to the businesses they review. If such a connection exists we strongly recommend that you recuse yourself and let others opine instead. Unbiased opinions are very important to us. Also please don’t use the review section to promote or flatter your own business.
  2. Bigotory of any kind. Eyniq believes in the brotherhood and sisterhood of all humankind. In all its diversity. We will not tolerate any kind of bigotry based on gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, national origin and will not allow our platform to be used in the promotion of such behavior. Eyniq is a place for people from all parts of the world to enjoy and celebrate in what our world has to offer in all its diversity.
  3. Matter at handEyniq is a place to opine about the subject at hand. Whether it is a restaurant, hotel or destination.  It is not a place to make  political speech.  Not a place to talk about the grievances of employees at a particular establishment.  Remember this is a place where people come to get an unbiased understanding of the customer expedience at any given establishment.
  4. Third party rights.  We take third party rights very seriously.  We do not tolerate stealing of other people’s intellectual and such other rights.  Please refer to our third party rights policy.
  5. Privacy.  We greatly value the privacy of other individuals.  Please do not post close-ups of other people in your postings without their permission.